Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner Spray

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Product Description

milk_shake Leave In Conditioner ensures your hair is easy to manage with incredible softness and shine.

This easy to use no-rinse spray leave-in conditioner is a combination of milk proteins and fruit extracts. Your hair will smell utterly fabulous after use in addition to being full of energy and vibrancy. If you are always in a hurry or you are simply a low-maintenance hair girl then this product is for you! It conditions the hair, giving manageability. Protects the cortex and improves the water balance of the hair. Strengthens the shaft, giving shine and softness. The exclusive ingredient Integrity 41®; protects hair from UV rays, improving colour stability.
Active ingredients:

Strawberry extract, Integrity 41 (hydroglycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols), milk proteins, honey extract, blueberry extract, papaya extract.


Spray evenly over clean, damp hair, especially over the most damaged areas. Proceed with styling.

What it does:-

Detangles, moisturises and treats the hair, with a leave in a conditioning formula

Best for:-

Any hair type, Excellent for long knotty hair

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