Depot No. 104 Silver Shampoo

3,300 kr.




Specific shampoo for grey,white or bleached hair.

Formulated with delicate surfactants without SLES,enriched with blue-violet pigments that neutralize golden tones.


Delicate surfactants,a balanced blend of innovative cleansing agents for a balance cleansing routine
A specific violet pigment,enhances the natural tones of white and grey hair and counteracts unwanted yellow or brassy tones on blond or bleached hair
A botanical complex,a blend of 10 plant extracts with multiple beneficial effects on skin and hair
Sage essential oil,antioxidant,protective,gives fragrance
Eucalyptol,toning,refreshing,gives fragrance
Menthol,refreshing,soothing,gives fragrance

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Depot No. 104 Silver Shampoo
3,300 kr.
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