Depot No. 204 Hair Treatment Oil

4,300 kr.




Leave in treatment oil.

Counteracts frizz,flyaways and lack of lustre in the hair. It has a sealing and protective action on the hair cuticle’s surface,leaving the hair detangled,manageable and shiny.


A balanced blend of argan,rice and jojoba oils,which primarily coat the hair shaft,counteracting frizz and improving Shine and lubrification of the hair,giving greater manageability and reducing possible breakage and split ends caused by brushing and other styling tools.
Argan oil,quickly absorbed and non-greasy,it is obtained from the oily fruit of the Argania spinosa tree that only grows in Morocco,with precious properties: emollient,nourishing and soothing. Rich in vitamin E,it is renowned for its efficient anti-oxidant action.
Rice oil,extracted from rice bran,rich in y-Oryzanol and vitamin E; it has antioxidant properties and combats free radicals,as well as being nourishing and emollient
Jojoba oil,extracted from Jojoba seeds,a plant that originates from Mexico and California,rich in vitamin E,B2 and B3 and minerals. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t weigh the hair down,contributing to leaving a sensation of silkiness and softness,as well as being nourishing and emollient


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Depot No. 204 Hair Treatment Oil
4,300 kr.
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