Depot No. 205 Invigorating Hair Treatment 10×5

5,890 kr.




Invigorating hair treatment.

Researched and developed to prevent and counteract excessive hair lost. Enhances the scalp’s microcirculation,protecting and strengthening the hair from the bulb,helping to restore the hair’s healthy life-cycle.


Indian kino tree extract,with an anti-glycation,antioxidant,soothing and protective action
Rosemary extract,antibacterial,deodorizing
Arnica extract,soothing and conditioning for the scalp
Pro-Vitamin B5,regenerating,soothing and conditioning for scalp and hair
A multivitamin complex containing vitamins B5,B6,C,E and PP,with energizing,antioxidant and nourishing actions that supplement and strengthen the hair fibre giving structure and conditioning
Magnesium and aluminium silicate,absorb sebum
Camphor,stimulating and refreshing
Hydrolysed rice proteins,conditioning the scalp and hair,anti-static
Eucalyptol,toning,refreshing,gives fragrance
Menthol,refreshing,soothing and deodorizing

Depot No. 205 Invigorating Hair Treatment 10×5
5,890 kr.
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