Depot No 308 Volume Creator

3,390 kr.




Medium Hold volumizing gel.

Gives body,medium control and Shine,helping to add volume and create hair styles. Formulated with resins that give Hold and do not leave residue on the hair,as well as humectant ingredients,botanical extracts with a conditioning action,and a protective UV filter.


Fixative polymers,film-forming and fixative A botanical complex,a blend of 10 plant extracts with multiple beneficial effects for hair
Glycerin,a humectant,supports the moisture level of the hair,keeping it soft,flexible and manageable
Sunflower oil,emollient,nourishing and protective. Rich in minerals,vitamins,oleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids,omega 3 and 6; protective and antioxidant due to its content of vitamin E
Aloe vera juice,with a conditioning and hydrating action Sorbitol,humectant,support hair hydration
UV filter,protects the hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun

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Depot No 308 Volume Creator
3,390 kr.
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